Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Profile of a Peer: Morgan Nicholson

Morgan Nicholson is a Freshman who attends Norton High School and is a fellow student of mine in F Period Journalism.

Morgan was a millennia baby born on, April 11th, 2000 in Overland Park, Kansas. Her family consists of her mother, father, her younger brother and younger sister. When I asked her who the weirdest person in her family was she answered without hesitation that "her brother was without a doubt her weirdest family member" because he is eight years old and "as an eight year old" he asks questions "that most adults do not know the answer to". Every year Morgan vacations in the summer and spends most of her days on beaches such as Old Orchard Beach, Horseneck Beach, and Mayflower Beach.

Morgan wishes that she was a surfer because :"She envies their gracefulness". When she visits the beaches she enjoys watching the surfers because those whom are good are interesting and even those whom are bad are fun to watch wipeout.
Morgan is a soccer player for our high school's Junior Varsity team. She claims she has been playing soccer every since she was four and "is in love with the game". Her team this year is "playing well" and "is built of mostly her friends". She says they have only lost one game so far this season which I think is very good given the hard division our school is in.

Morgan is very fond of Italian Cuisine, and subsequently her favorite restaurant is Bertucci's because "they have the best margarita pizza." If she was dying she would want her last meal to be her favorite pizza.

Morgan is a very nice and comical person and I am glad I got to learn more about her!


  1. Morgan is a very interesting person. I think you explained her very well. Had no idea she was born in Kansas.