Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Short-Term Bucket List

1.   Eating sushi:I have always feared eating sushi because the seafood inside usually isn't cooked and I'm personally not fond of the idea of eating an octopus' suction cup. Although I would be willing to try a California roll or something along the lines of that.

 2.       Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame:
I am a huge baseball fan and I have always dreamed of visiting the hall the displays all the greatest players to ever live. My dream to visit Cooperstown is yet to be fulfilled but I plan on visiting soon.
3.     Record Jason eating the T-Rex at Wendy's: I've never witnessed someone eating a T-Rex burger but I would be honored to record anyone who is daring enough to take it on. Jason wants to take it on and it would be fun to record him attempting to eat it.
 4.   Get a Job: It is a goal of mine to get a job because I am fond of the idea of some weekly cash flow. It would be nice to be able to support myself instead of relying on mom and dad to supply money whenever I need it. What I want to do is still a question I don't have an answer for but I hope to have soon.

 5.       Go to college: Another goal of mine is to go to college because it opens many opportunities that are not available to those who don't go and I also feel it will help me mature because I will be living away from my family whom which I relied on my entire life. I also hope to play college baseball and see what opportunities it opens up for me.

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